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9 essential websites for small business owners and entrepreneurs

    Whether you are thinking about starting your own business or you are already there, you don't have to do it alone. There are a lot of really good reference sites out there packed with useful tips, free guides, podcasts, forums and news about social media, marketplaces and trends. Keeping an eye on some of these websites will help you stay connected to a broader community of people with the same needs and interests as you as well as eventually finding new clients. Here you have a list of some of the websites I usually check on a regular basis.   Social Media Examiner Here you will find dialy posts about the latest news on social media and blogging, super useful tips to help you...

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3 inspirational TED talks about learning, creativity and design

    If you are a small business owner you already know you need a fair amount of these three things in order to keep things going: a pinch of love for learning new things and wearing many hats, a great deal of creativity to help you solve problems and engage your audience, and a good taste in design in order to present your brand in an attractive, trustworthy way. In the following videos John Green, Sir Ken Robinson and Tony Fadell share some ideas worth spreading about these topics. Enjoy!       [Tweet "3 inspirational TED talks about learning, creativity and design"]...

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Etsy Favorites Vol. 6

    1. RAIN DROP/ hand screen printed pencil case by AIYshop 2. Handmade leather eye and lips necklace by BenuMade 3. Peach & Gold Air Plant Planter Pod by ThriftedandMade 4. Felt Pizza Bookmark by InspirationalGecko 5. Blue Wall Clock by PilipArt 6. Black Reindeer Brooch by bugga 7. Black hair mermaid wooden necklace by bottleofclouds 8. Pink Blue Ombre Earrings by MadeByAstrid 9. Tribal fitness headband by JLeeJewels   [Tweet "Etsy Favorites Vol. 6"]  ...

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5 things to do during slow business season

As small business owners we have all experienced that moment of anxiety when sales are low and there is no sign of movement on the horizon. When this happens we tend to 1) freak out as if it were the first time, and 2) spend hours of precious time marketing our products or services in the most ridiculously inefficient ways. What if we took all that (mostly) wasted time to actually improve our businesses? Here you have some ideas on things to do during slow business season.   Reorganize your office Try a different furniture layout, create a thinking/reading corner with a comfy armchair and a whiteboard, take a look at your shelves and recycle what you don't need anymore, change the posters/pictures/mood boards...

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5 guerrilla marketing ideas that will help you gain more exposure

    What is guerrilla marketing? Wikipedia says: a concept of advertisement strategy designed for small businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. It sounds worth trying, right? I'm sure you are already using some of these tactics but here you have 5 simple ideas to help you reach more potencial customers and give some love to those who are already there.   Use a points system/reward card for loyal clients. Allow your clients to "collect" points each time they buy something from you so when they reach a certain number of points they receive a free product or service. If you own a physical business having an actual reward card will also help as your...

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16 Paintbrush Fonts to Download for Free

    A new collection of free fonts to use on your creative projects! These are perfect to design watercolor-like art and graphics. Click on the following names to download them: Magic Pies · Kikelet Brush · Southern Air · Les Sensations de Cerise · Queen Leela · Movus Brush Pen · Waterlily · Olivier · La Compagnie des Ombres · Mad Beef · VNI-Thufap1 · Levi Brush · Anarchistic · Mano Negra Bta · Edo SZ · FFAD Matro Enjoy, create and don't forget to share! :)   [Tweet "16 Paintbrush Fonts to Download for Free"]  ...

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