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Etsy Favorites Vol. 5

  Another collection of beautiful, inspiring creations from talented Etsy artisans. Have you ever dreamed about having a deer-shaped leather bag? Or a wooden alpaca USB flash drive? Everything is possible on the Etsy-verse! Enjoy and don't forget to share :)       1. Frayed Bow Headband by FunkyFern 2. Wooden animal flash drive by minkisloveonetsy 3. Leather Sleeping Deer Handbag by krukrustudio 4. Backpack Okunoshima by InThePinesStore 5. Fine Art Print-Autumn Starlight by elisemahanfineart 6. Illustrated Vintage swimmer temporary tattoo by RubitTattoos 7. Tiny Kitty Planter by ponyponypeoplepeople 8. Cloth doll by willowynn 9. Minty Green Post Earrings by HelloHalsted   If you want to be featured on this section, find me on Instagram and tag me on one of your photos. I will consider your product for the next Etsy Favorites collection I publish on the blog.  ...

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Know your files: A quick guide to JPG, PNG, RGB, CMYK and all that jazz

    I'm sure every small business owner with a minimum of online presence has asked him/herself these questions at least once: Is it better to use my logo in PNG or JPG for this? What's a vector file? What's the difference between RGB and CMYK colors? Even if you aren't online the time always comes when you have to order some profesionally printed business cards or posters and you are asked to send the design in AI format. What does that even mean? Let's find out!   JPG and PNG: image file formats JPG or JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and it is one of the most commonly used formats for image files on the internet. It was originally developed to be a standard for professional...

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20 Classy Fonts to Download for Free + March discount!

    Another collection of free fonts to help you find the perfect match on your creative projects! These are great for wedding stationery and high end or vintage style graphics. Click on the following names to download all of them: Coneria Script  ·  Mrs Eaves Italic  ·  Foglihten  ·  Cinzel Decorative  ·  Rechtman  ·  Constantine  ·  Edwardian Script  ·  Quattrocento  ·  AC Mountain  ·  Eight Fifteen  ·  Signet Roundhand  ·  Bell MT  ·  Imprint MT Shadow  ·  Frosting for Breakfast  ·  Commercial Script  ·  Sverige Script  ·  Charlemagne STD  ·  Parisienne  ·  Felix Titling  ·  Optimus Princeps   I've also just created a coupon code in my shop with a 15% discount on OOAK pre-designed logos and add-ons (business cards, brochures, flyers, social media...

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“Everyone” is not your target market

    Everytime I start a custom logo or website design project with a new client I send him/her a detailed questionnaire in order to get to know them and their businesses better. It is extremely important to have this extra information in order to start working on the initial design concepts. Having a clear aesthetic idea is never enough. One of those questions I always ask is "Who is your target market/audience?". Very often I receive the wrong answer: "Everyone" or "Men and women ages 15-65". Why is this an incorrect approach? Well, it is really simple: you can't speak to such a wide range of people using the same language -copy, images, products- and attract them all. If you try to reach different...

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5 videos on starting an online business

  For those of you who are thinking about starting a new online business, renewing your current one or just need a reminder of the good reasons why you started, today I bring you a selection of 5 videos by some of the greatest female business coaches on the net: Denise Duffield-Thomas, Laura Roeder, Natalie Sisson, Marie Forleo and Alex Beadon. If you can listen to music/poscasts while working this is perfect for boosting your business creativity. Enjoy and don't forget to share!             ...

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Etsy Favorites Vol. 4

  This new Etsy collection is full of very special items such as truly original dolls or a craft kit to build the Ishtar Gate in paper. This big community of talented people has a lot to offer. Click, enjoy and don’t forget to share!     1. KOKESHI DOLL MARIE - Modern Marie Antoinette by SketchInc 2. Miniature greenhouse structure around green trees by 2of2 3. VERDIN. Bag fish-shaped handmade by DonFisherShop 4. Ishtar Gate, craft kit for building ancient Babylon gate from paper by PaperLandmarks 5. Black and gold extravaganza - Ceramic and 24K gold jewelry studs by JasminBlancBoutique 6. Handmade rag doll by lespetitesmainsS 7. Large narwhal -white- soft sculpture by MountRoyalMint 8. Peep toe Shoes in red and pink leather by ADIKILAV 9. Indoor Handmade Concrete Round Planter + Blue and Silver by zinandbert  ...

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