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Worth-reading insights from 14 small business owners

Very often the advice we most need is not the one from the prestigious business magazine or the ultra famous marketing coach, but that from the fellow entrepreneur and small business owner who is still on his/her way or has even just started. A different approach to the same problem or a reminder of something we actually once had in mind but have been forgotten during the process can be of great help. On this massive post, I've wanted to gather the experiences and opinions of 14 Etsy shop owners who started from the very beginning to slowly build a professional business out of their true passions. I've asked them 4 questions on their background, challenges and advices for new entrepreneurs and they have given...

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4 basic functionalities you should have on your website

  When you use your website to market your products or services, the main goal should be to make things easy, even ridiculously easy, for those visitors who are potential buyers. A well-designed business website should display a delicate balance between offering many possibilities and presenting them in a simple way. This requires some key elements that, depending on the nature of the products offered, should be included under one form or another. Some of the functionalities listed on this post might seem pretty obvious because we are used to seeing them everywhere. That is precisely the reason why we tend to downplay their importance.     Contact form It is almost impossible to find a website that doesn’t include a contact page or section....

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Now that I have my logo, what can I do with it?

  You have read a ton of articles about the importance of having a professional logo for your business. You have done your research and have found the perfect designer who was able to translate the idea you had in mind into graphics. You have paid a good amount of money for his/her services and you have end up with a beautiful logo you are very proud of. It really represents your values and you know it will grab the attention of your target audience. That's a huge step, but now what? Here you have some ideas of what you can do with your logo to help you improve your visual image and marketing campaigns. The basics These are the first items that come to mind...

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Etsy Favorites Vol. 7

    1. Red panda doll superhero softie plushe by PoCatFactory 2. EVIL Eye with Heart Jewelry Holder by McDonaldMixedMedia 3. Concert ukulele case - Candy Pop by cherijame 4. Mushrooms and gnome scene by DecorAsylum 5. Evil Queen and Snow White Brooch by DaddyWool 6. Real Red, Turban Twist headband by RumraisinA 7. Paint pattern neckerchief fleece lined with poppers by MsSpanner 8. Sleeping fennec fox figurine by byrdis 9. Hedgehog Brooch by RockCakes   [Tweet "Etsy Favorites Vol. 7"]  ...

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9 essential websites for small business owners and entrepreneurs

    Whether you are thinking about starting your own business or you are already there, you don't have to do it alone. There are a lot of really good reference sites out there packed with useful tips, free guides, podcasts, forums and news about social media, marketplaces and trends. Keeping an eye on some of these websites will help you stay connected to a broader community of people with the same needs and interests as you as well as eventually finding new clients. Here you have a list of some of the websites I usually check on a regular basis.   Social Media Examiner Here you will find dialy posts about the latest news on social media and blogging, super useful tips to help you...

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3 inspirational TED talks about learning, creativity and design

    If you are a small business owner you already know you need a fair amount of these three things in order to keep things going: a pinch of love for learning new things and wearing many hats, a great deal of creativity to help you solve problems and engage your audience, and a good taste in design in order to present your brand in an attractive, trustworthy way. In the following videos John Green, Sir Ken Robinson and Tony Fadell share some ideas worth spreading about these topics. Enjoy!       [Tweet "3 inspirational TED talks about learning, creativity and design"]...

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