“Everyone” is not your target market

    Everytime I start a custom logo or website design project with a new client I send him/her a detailed questionnaire in order to get to know them and their businesses better. It is extremely important to have this extra information in order to start working on the initial design concepts. Having a clear aesthetic idea is never enough. One of those questions I always ask is "Who is your target market/audience?". Very often I receive the wrong answer: "Everyone" or "Men and women ages 15-65". Why is this an incorrect approach? Well, it is really simple: you can't speak to such a wide range of people using the same language -copy, images, products- and attract them all. If you try to reach different...

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Why you must have a logo or improve your current one?

  First impression. That's the main reason why a business needs a professional logo design. I'm sure you have heard this many times before. It is one of the most important reasons but there are some others that you should consider. Differentiation is essential, especially when you have a small business. Even if you are selling handmade bookmarks or bracelets that you make on your spare time. And here's why: if you search for "handmade bracelets" on Etsy, Pinterest or Instagram, you will automatically get hundreds of designs from different sellers, all of them mixed with images of personal craft projects by other people who are not looking for sales. One ot the tools you have to gain attention on this...

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The Perfect Newsletter Checklist

  A newsletter is one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage with your audience and keep them updated on what is going on with your brand. It helps maintaining a regular contact with customers or followers who can’t check social media very often. In my personal experience there is a particular reaction that occurs very often: a previous client is thinking about hiring my services again to work on a new project. Since this new idea doesn’t seem of vital importance for his/her company, he/she keeps putting off contacting me about it. But when one of my newsletters appears on his/her inbox, he/she suddenly finds a moment to send me an email and the magic begins. Even...

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How each social media platform can help you improve your brand

  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… if you are a small business or blog owner you have probably heard about and already used most of these platforms as another way to market your brand. I’m also sure sometimes you feel you have too many places to manage online. It’s impossible to avoid this thought when you are the one in charge of product quality, customer service, shipping, blogging and social media management among a ton of other things. However, after some years working on this field, I’ve came to the conclusion that each one of these platforms can be used in a very different way, yet having many aspects in common. This post is a quick guide about how each social media...

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