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Free printable: Monthly Habit Tracker

Now that January is coming to an end it is about time to admit those resolutions you have for this year are not going to be achieved without putting in a bit of work. Some of those goals may be personal or creative projects, but more often than not, what we really want to do is create new positive habits in our lives. Either if it is spending 20 minutes a day learning a new language, going to the gym more regularly or simply dedicating time to yourself, tracking all those habits in the same place will help you have a clearer picture of your progress month by month. Hear over to the Resource Library to download this monthly habit tracker...

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Habitica: a twist on productivity apps

You read an article about this new cool app that will allow you to organize your day, stop procrastinating and be the king or queen of productivity. You install it and start using it right away. For the first couple of days, you feel on top of your game, everything gets done on time and your business planning seems to be blooming. Then after a couple more days, the initial excitement starts to wear off and you are back to your old disorganized, procrastinating self again. Sounds familiar? This post may be just another one of those but I really think it isn’t. I absolutely agree that an app can’t do the work for you and that ultimately a clear vision...

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How to schedule Twitter and Facebook posts for a more efficient social media strategy

  Right now, we want to be present on all the available platforms to promote our business and connect with our audience. We all learn pretty early in the journey that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools we have. But managing all the social media accounts of a business can be a very time consuming task. Additionaly, if you want to post daily and at different times depending on the platform, it can lead you straight into multitasking, which is the shortest road to the land of lost concentration. This is a quick tutorial on a super simple strategy that will save you a lot of time and it can be summarized in 3 words: schedule your posts. This is...

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5 apps and resources you need as a small business owner

Running a business involves a ton of hard work, wearing different hats at the same time and tackling endless to-do lists, among many other things you already know. There aren't any apps or tools out there that will take care of all this for you but there are some very useful resources that will definitely help you stay organized and make the most out of your time. Here you have some of my favorites.     Evernote You can think of it as a bunch of multimedia notepads. You can use each one of them to create lists or to keep track of any aspects of your planning: current projects, business expenses, interesting links to check later, pending product ideas...

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5 videos on starting an online business

  For those of you who are thinking about starting a new online business, renewing your current one or just need a reminder of the good reasons why you started, today I bring you a selection of 5 videos by some of the greatest female business coaches on the net: Denise Duffield-Thomas, Laura Roeder, Natalie Sisson, Marie Forleo and Alex Beadon. If you can listen to music/poscasts while working this is perfect for boosting your business creativity. Enjoy and don't forget to share!             ...

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4 Videos About Productivity and Time Management

  I have taken a look at some of my favorite small (and big) business related YouTube channels and here you have a small selection of videos to get some really nice ideas. They are full of productivity and time management tips. I leave you with Natalie Sisson, Jacqueline Jensen, Jennifer Gosse, Alex Beadon and Marie Forleo. Enjoy!    ...

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