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How to open an Instagram shop step by step

If you are on Instagram, you have probably noticed the app layout has recently changed considerably. Along with regular posts and stories, there is a huge emphasis on Reels and Shopping now. They are not new elements but after this last update, they are gaining much more attention. That means if you are a small business owner selling products online and you were not using Instagram Shopping yet, this is a great moment to start. Here you have a step-by-step tutorial on how to start selling your products on Instagram for increased exposure and sales.   What do you need to start?   · A business Instagram account (not a personal profile). · A Facebook page for your business that you have connected to your...

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5 guerrilla marketing ideas that will help you gain more exposure

    What is guerrilla marketing? Wikipedia says: a concept of advertisement strategy designed for small businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. It sounds worth trying, right? I'm sure you are already using some of these tactics but here you have 5 simple ideas to help you reach more potencial customers and give some love to those who are already there.   Use a points system/reward card for loyal clients. Allow your clients to "collect" points each time they buy something from you so when they reach a certain number of points they receive a free product or service. If you own a physical business having an actual reward card will also help as your...

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