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How to create a Coming Soon page on WordPress

If you are planning to create a new website, redesign your existing one or simply make some changes that will probably mess up things for a while, chances are you don’t want your visitors to see the behind the scenes process. That’s when a coming soon page comes in handy. They are also called maintenance pages or splash pages. It will allow you to show a static page on your main URL instead of your actual website. You can customize it with text, images, social media links and even a newsletter sign up form. This way, visitors will immediately understand what’s going on and will also have the opportunity to get some info and contact you if they need. If you...

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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: what are the main differences?

If you happen to hang around Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and business owners you have probably noticed this is one of the most frequently asked questions when talking about WordPress websites: what is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? It is understandably confusing if you have just started dipping your toes on the waters of this content management system. Another common situation is you didn’t build your website yourself and now that you are planning to do some updates you have found out your options are limited because of a wrong choice of platform. The answer to the question is not simple: there are many differences between both options. The main one that could summarize everything is that WordPress.com is similar...

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A beginner’s guide to WordPress security

Self-hosted WordPress websites are powerful marketing tools for business. Being an open source platform, WordPress offers endless possibilities, the most profesional looks and the latest functions. But, as some would say, with great power comes great responsibility and this case is no exception. Security should be your number 1 priority when working on your website. The platform already takes care of a great part of it but there is still a lot you can do to shield your site from unauthorized access. Here you have a list of basic actions you can take in order to improve your WordPress website security.   Use a secure hosting company First, make sure your hosting provider is up to date with the latest requirements.  If they’re...

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19 essential WordPress plugins that will supercharge your site + WordPress lessons via Skype

If you have a WordPress website you probably know that, along with the theme you are using, plugins are the biggest power source of this platform. However, when it comes to choose the right ones for your site, it gets trickier. There are almost 40,000 options on the WordPress Plugin Directory to achieve different functions so a little help doesn't hurt. Here you have a list of essential WordPress plugins I use and love.   Avoid spam comments Akismet. This is probably one of the best known plugins because it comes included by default when you install WordPress on your server. It is a comment spam filtering service that will make your blogger life much easier.   Secure your site against unwanted login attempts Limit Login Attemps / Whitelist IP...

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Wix vs WordPress – What does my business really need?

  One of the most common questions I get from my clients when starting a new website design project is this: which one of these platforms will be a better choice for me and my business? The answer is far from being simple. In my opinion, both Wix and WordPress are great tools for a small business and very professional websites can be built using either one or the other. I would say there is not an absolute best choice. It depends on a bunch of different things from each particular case such as the purpose of the site, your business size, your website functionality needs, your website administration knowledge...

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