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Checklist: 9 back to school ideas to get your business rolling after the holidays

September is the perfect time of the year for giving a boost to your business strategy, trying new marketing ideas and creating processes that will help you be more efficient. Everybody is coming back from the holidays and ready to get back to work, so having certain things under control will help you ride this wave like a master. Here you have a checklist including some back to school ideas to get your business on point this month. Access the Resource Library to download it for free.   [Tweet "Checklist: 9 back to school ideas to get your business rolling after the holidays"]...

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Instagram Stories: 7 tricks and 7 ideas to market your business

  This functionality may be new to the Instagram platform but it has been out there on Snapchat for quite a while. Instagram stories are similar to Snapchat stories in every possible way: you can post both photos and videos, customize them with text and color doodles, add filters (though not as elaborate as on Snapchat), only your followers can see them and they just last for 24 hours. I've had a Snapchat account for some time now but I have never posted a public story. The amount of work that goes into growing an audience on a new platform has been keeping me from adding it to my business strategy. That's why I got really excited when I heard Instagram was launching their stories. We now have the...

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5 videos on starting an online business

  For those of you who are thinking about starting a new online business, renewing your current one or just need a reminder of the good reasons why you started, today I bring you a selection of 5 videos by some of the greatest female business coaches on the net: Denise Duffield-Thomas, Laura Roeder, Natalie Sisson, Marie Forleo and Alex Beadon. If you can listen to music/poscasts while working this is perfect for boosting your business creativity. Enjoy and don't forget to share!             ...

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