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10 more happy fonts to download for free

  Seeing as my previous collection of free happy fonts is one of your favorite posts from my blog, I've decided to add some more options to the mix! You can use these to design birthday cards, children books and any other fun projects you can think of. Most of them are free for personal use and some of them even for commercial use. Don't forget to check the license for each one. Click on the following names to download them: Henny Penny  ·  Chicken Quiche  ·  Snickles  ·  Brighly Crush  ·  Dear Sunshine  ·  Fifth Grader  ·  Milky Nice  ·  Alone on Earth  ·  Tulena Lamoore  ·  Breakbone   Enjoy, create and don’t forget to share! :) [Tweet "10 more happy fonts to download...

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7 websites full of inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing

  If you work creating original products or services, you probably have noticed inspiration and creativity are more like a rollercoaster than an easy hike. One day you are at the highest heights and the next you can’t even… you can’t. When I find myself on one of those creativity deserts, I head over to my “Inspiration” newsfeed folder and I breathe everything in. What I have there is simply a list of art, design and technology websites that regularly publish amazing projects by talented people. Even when they are completely unrelated to what I do, browsing through the latest posts puts my brain to work, sometimes at an unconscious level that starts sending new ideas to the surface later on....

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