Now that I have my logo, what can I do with it?

Now that I have my logo, what can I do with it?


You have read a ton of articles about the importance of having a professional logo for your business. You have done your research and have found the perfect designer who was able to translate the idea you had in mind into graphics. You have paid a good amount of money for his/her services and you have end up with a beautiful logo you are very proud of. It really represents your values and you know it will grab the attention of your target audience. That’s a huge step, but now what? Here you have some ideas of what you can do with your logo to help you improve your visual image and marketing campaigns.


The basics

These are the first items that come to mind when you think about where to include your new logo: business cards, letterhead, your website and social media profiles as well as any printed documents (flyers, brochures…) you normally use to market your business. These are non-negotiable. They are the first elements of your business a potential client is in contact with and they should look professional and cohesive.


Email signature

If you haven’t set up a default signature on your email client yet, this is the right time to do it. It will appear at the bottom of your emails and you can use it to include your business details, website address, links to social media profiles and, of course, your logo. This way it will be easier for people receiving your emails to locate your products and services.


Stickers and/or stamp

Wether you sell physical products or online services, a bunch of stickers and/or a custom rubber stamp with your logo on them will come in handy. You can use them on your packaging, envelopes, folders, communications, invoices, thank you notes, etc. They will help you include your logo on any physical elements that are not worth to be branded by printing. You can also include your website address on these designs to make it easier for everyone to stay tuned.



Every single image and product photo you upload to your social media profiles, marketplaces and even your own website should be watermarked with your logo and/or website address. Appart from making your images look more professional, this will allow visitors/followers downloading your photos to their computers to easily find your business again if they happen to go back to them after some time has past. If you worked with a professional designer, you should have received a PNG or a similar file of your logo with transparent background. This is the one you can use to brand your photos on any image editing software you use. Alternatively, if you use Photoshop you can get a custom brush with your logo in it.


Website favicon

Do you see that little icon appearing on your browser tab, next to the website title? In my case it is a blue circle with the letters SB inside it. That’s the favicon, also known as shortcut icon or bookmark icon. If you have a website, it would be great to customize that tiny bit of your graphics as well, as it will appear on your visitors’ browsers and on their bookmark lists. Your full logo might not be appropriate for a 16 x 16 pixels image but you can select a representative element of it that can be easily recognizable in small format.



Depending on the nature of your business you will find some of the possibilities of this category more useful than others but that’s the key: the options are endless. Whatever it is that you sell, you will be able to find related promotional items that can be customize by a lot of printing companies. Bookmarks, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, notebooks… you name it. They are great for promotion and as way to reward loyal customers.


What about your business? Do you have your logo everywhere possible? Do you have any original ideas on where to include it? I would love to read your experiences in the comments :)

Feel free to contact me in case you need help with any of your business graphics. I will be happy to help!


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Cris Castro Moral

Hi! My name is Cristina and I am a freelance graphic designer. I blog about small businesses, marketing, social media and design under all its forms.

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